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Makeup Removal Wipes

makeup removal wipes

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[294.365] Being a woman can be such a pain

[294.365] Being a woman can be such a pain

Admittedly, I'm not extremely feminine. And, I'm okay with that. But I've noticed that *gasp* the better you take care of yourself the nicer you look. When I get off of work the last thing I feel like doing is spending an hour taking my makeup off and all sorts of other odd womanly things. I have realized however that without doing these things, well anyway. These are little oil pads and gross as it may be this was a swipe of my forehead. Lame picture because of my exhausting schedule this week. Hopefully you at least want to wash your own face after seeing this, HA!

Oh and PS, it looks like Flickr's made some upgrades? I'm loving it so far! Biggest noticed change is the tags are so much cleaner looking! Hurray Flickr for improvements!

Day 267

Day 267

"makeup removal" Febuary 1.
I have decided that im not going to use Biore face wipes to remove makeup anymore. it burns my skin and eyes and it hurts really bad

makeup removal wipes

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