Best Makeup Brush Set. Eye Make Up Smokey Eyes.

Best Makeup Brush Set

best makeup brush set

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What's inside mah bag?

What's inside mah bag?

Yes, I totally fit all of that in there. Perfectly.
There was a pair of undies in there, too, but I omitted those. Hehe, don't ask.

And with this, I'll include 5 random facts about myself, in the form of what I carry with me. It probably says a lot!
1. I have an obsession with huge purses. I can't stand to carry anything small...if I'm going somewhere where I don't want to carry a purse, I'll just carry my wallet and keys.
2. I always, always have some form of chapstick and gum. If I don't.....then I constantly think about forgetting it.
3. My bag usually isn't very cluttered. I use my wallet to hold all the things that would normally clutter a purse, like loose change and receipts. My car is the thing that's cluttered, and stays cluttered.
4. I have a love/hate relationship with lotion. I love to have it on, but I can't stand it being on my hands if it's greasy.
5. My bank account balance usually stays pretty full, because I'm not an impulse buyer. In fact, I will stay in a store for hours contemplating the purchase.



mini review & photoshoot for dawn of the dance: dracualura.

wal-mart exclusive: $34.97

upc: 074677500378

comes 4 in a box.

LOTS of pink glitter, especially her purse. black lipstick (REALLY would have preferred her pink art makeup). her hat/shoes/earings/cuffs/collar are the best parts. made the mistake of brushing her hair a bit after taking her out of the box. it went all 'fro on me. her & frankie come with purses but NO icoffin. clawdeen comes with her icoffin but NO purse. i love her, and am VERY happy to have finally finished this set. :D

best makeup brush set

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