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Dark Dramatic Eye Makeup

dark dramatic eye makeup

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dark dramatic eye makeup - Stila Smokey

Stila Smokey Eye, TheTalking Palette, Original Black, .42 Oz.

Stila Smokey Eye, TheTalking Palette, Original Black, .42 Oz.

Here's the palette that took the beauty business by storm! Our groundbreaking original talking palette taught the world how to create the perfect smoky eye. How does it work? It's simple - just push the button and the palette literally talks you through 5 easy steps to the perfect smoky eye. It's complete with artistry tips and what brushes to use - all in under a minute. The original palette includes four shades: icy champagne (base); slate- silvery gray (lid); kettle- dark gray (contour); ebony- smoky black brown (liner). This is a palette that literally gives new meaning to the term 'beauty talk.' Patent pending on this product.

75% (5)

Dramatic Pink Eye Makeup | Punk Pink Eye Shadow | Dramatic Crease

Dramatic Pink Eye Makeup | Punk Pink Eye Shadow | Dramatic Crease

Primer: Sephora Pot Primer

Eyes: All colors from Spehora's 5-in-1 color collection. 30 bucks. Go buy it now! Lid: white primer color, inner lid is sparkly light pink, middle is white again, out corners are sprakly light gold and tan, Crease is dark pink faded up to a middle pink and then a sparkle light pink, then the neutral white.

Lower lid is sparkle light pink, then white, then sparkle gold. Tear duct lined with dark pink and faded out to the lash line.

Face: Makeup Forever HD primer, concealer, foundation and micro finish powder

Eye Liner: Maybelline ultra liner

Mascara: Supernova by Fresh

Brow: Illamsaqua Thunder

Cheeks: Quickie by Urban Decay

Lips: Cover Girl Wet Slicks in Pretty in Pink

Dark Outline

Dark Outline

I loved this look, I was inspired by the eye make up from a site about Arabic women and their makeup. The primary colors are a dark plum red (under and lid), a light pink gold (on the meat of the under eyebrow), and a blue/purple on the inner corner. I used a silver Sephora eye liner glitter just above the black liner and on the inner corners of the eyes.

dark dramatic eye makeup

dark dramatic eye makeup


As seen in our Fall 2011 ad campaign This red-carpet dramatic coat with a fitted bodice and floor sweeping length recalls old-Hollywood glamour. The viscose silk satin has a fluid movement and lustrous sheen. Seaming and hook-and-eye closures at the front body provide shape enhancing detail, while the shoulder exposing cut outs of the dolman sleeves lends a sly touch of sexiness. This statement coat will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. Fits true to size. Leon Max Limited Edition.

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